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CS Uterus

CS Uterus

Arsenicum Iodatum, Aurum Muriaticum, Bufo Rana, Carbo Animalis, Conium Maculatum, Graphites, Hydrastis Canadensis, Kreosotum, Lachesis Mutus, Lapis Albus, Murex Purpurea, Phosphorus, Phytolacca Decandra, Terebinthina

By King Bio Inc. | Last revised:

Uses for temporary relief of: abdominal distension, burning in uterus and ovaries, changes in menses, nausea and vomiting, apprehension and fear, loss of appetite, muscular weakness, and mental fatigue. Inactive Ingredients: Bio-Energetically…

Water Retention

Water Retention

Aceticum Acidum, Apis Mellifica, Apocynum Cannabinum, Berberis Vulgaris, Cahinca, Digitalis Purpurea, Helleborus Niger, Hydrocotyle Asiatica, Natrum Muriaticum, Oxydendrum Arboreum, Plumbum Metallicum, Sambucus Nigra, Solidago Virgaurea, Strophanthus Hisp

By King Bio INC. | Last revised:

Uses for temporary relief of common water retention and edema in the hands, feet, legs, ankles. Inactive Ingredients: Bio-Energetically Enhanced(TM) pure water, citric acid and potassium sorbate. Warnings. Stop use and ask your doctor if symptoms…

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